Songs of The Week (9/10/15)


This is where I feature the 5 songs that have really grabbed my attention in the week. This week features a couple of outstanding classics, some exciting new favourites and something a bit different.

Number City – Coheed & Cambria

Ahead of the release of their new album The Color Before The Sun next Friday, I’ve been getting myself in the mood by listening to previous albums. This track always stands out to me as their accomplished venture into using a brass section in their songs. The horns provide a colour that rarely appears in other tracks making the chorus sound much more upbeat than the rest of the track and creating a great contrast.

Cry Of War – The Von

THEVON-CryOfWar-SingleCoverThis track was released last Friday, ahead of their album release in November, and if there’s more tracks to come like this then we’re in for a treat! The sound hits you immediately: with emphatic drums, chugging bass and guitars and aggressive vocals, it remind me of when I first heard Guns N’ Roses. Yet the processing on the guitars definitely gives them the distinctive sound of a modern-day band. The emphatic backing vocals behind the distinctive lead in the chorus is so catchy it will be stuck in your head for days.  Find the track at [youtube]
And stay tuned for the album review next month.

Breathe In The Flames – Trivium

I only reviewed the album last week, but I can’t stop listening to this track!  The transition of textures is seamless in this track and constantly build and relieve tension. The slowly building start to draw you in, and then the thrash riff kicks in before the verse drops back down. This track also demonstrates how much Matt’s developed his range, the difference between the clear lows in the verse and the fully voice, powerful high notes in the chorus. The screaming is definitely not missed. The solos in this track are by far the best on the album, using a variety of techniques to fit with the rapidly changing backing and helping the seamless transition back into the chorus. An instant classic and tremendous end to the album.


Isolation – Alter Bridge

It was the 5 year anniversary of ABIII this week, and this track has to rank up there in my top ten. You think there will be a lull after Slip Into The Void, but then it kicks in with that riff before using a more sparse texture for the verse when it starts to build and draw you in. The occasional flashes of guitar trickery taunting you. Then the drop to half time for the chorus happens and Myles’ massive vocal range shines through with that incredible melody. The guitar solos on this are some of the best you’ll ever hear. It’s just an incredible track that is still a go to favourite 5 years on.


Friends & Family – Trik Turner

Although I rarely listen to hip-hop/rap music, I heard this track in the background of a Scrubs episode (a true sign that this is a great song). The track’s been out for over 15 years and is still being used in TV shows and films behind intense family moments. The sentiment behind this song is incredibly evident in the lyrics and the delivery. “And even when them odds are against us, It doesn’t even matter, Nothing else matters”, shows the meaning of family to these guys. Great song that I urge you to listen to if you haven’t.


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