Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs

So this weekend, Christmas Markets opened in cities up and down the UK. I’m a big fan of christmas, who isn’t, but it’s mid-November, Halloween’s only just happened and Supermarkets are already playing Christmas songs! I love Christmas songs, but only when it’s Christmas, therefore I thought I’d share my Top 10 least favourite Christmas themed songs! The list is in no particular order, so enjoy! (more…)

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Songs Of The Week 10/11/2015

SOTW10-11-2015Welcome to songs of the week. This is where I write about some of my favourite songs of the week, new or old. I had a fantastic music week this week, and everything featured this week portrays my rock/metal influences. There are some incredible tracks in there, that I’ll be following up with EP/Album reviews in the near future so, enjoy!  (more…)

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