Top Lemmy Kilmister Moments

Top Lemmy Kilmister Moments

The tragic news of Lemmy’s death in the small hours of this morning was harrowing to wake up to, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to feel like this. Therefore I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to some of Motorhead’s finest moments as well as some of Lemmy’s work with other artists.

Ace Of Spades

There’s only one place to start really, it’s Motorhead’s best known track The Ace Of Spades. It’s an iconic track that I struggle to think anyone could dislike! It roars into life with that fantastic bass riff (one that I first tried to learn on guitar!). The whole track is full throttle after that, going toe to toe with the genius lyrics that act as a metaphor for how Lemmy loved living, and I’m glad to say that it seems he lived by the song till the end!


Ask Lemmy

I’m not sure when this actually took place; but fans wrote questions to Lemmy, and he did his best to perform as a sort of agony aunt, facing some typical problems most of us deal with. Ever the wordsmith, Lemmy’s responses are brilliant; I especially enjoyed his idea of how to solve racism!


Lemmy’s Bass Tone

This seems like an obvious one, but it is SUCH a good bass tone; the kind of tone the bassist in my band spent years trying (successfully) to replicate. It’s what makes Motorhead songs really come to life and have the sheer power that’s heard!


Lemmy On Sex

He certainly had a way with words, and a strong opinion on everything. This is perhaps one of my favourite quotes “People have forgotten that sex is fun. It’s the most fun you can have without laughing. People have forgotten that. It’s all deadly serious. AIDS. You can get gonorrhea from a blowjob. So what? That’s the risk you have to take. If you’re going to have sex, fuckin’ have sex and be happy about it. Don’t be looking over your shoulder all the time.  It ruins everything.”via Rolling Stone


His Love Of Life!

Everything Lemmy did was make his life more enjoyable, he knew what he liked doing, and did a lot of it! Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll! To his core, he epitomised these!


It was once reported he bedded 2,000 girls during his career with Motorhead and former band Hawkwind but he later said it was half that amount – still, that’s a lot of sex. “Girls always did loom large in my life,” he once said. “Every summer, these families would arrive from places like Manchester for their summer holidays. They’d come for a week, and their daughters were always up for a good time. They kept me very busy.



Rock N’ Roll

Lemmy gigged with Motorhead up until his final years and refused to retire. Asked if he would ever slow down, he laughed and responded: “Can’t see that happening, can you?“”This is how my life was always meant to take place: in the back of a tour bus somewhere, a girl I’ve never met before in my lap, and who will be gone by morning. It’s how I live. It suits me.

Thus conclude my tribute to the Legend that is the great Ian FraserLemmyKilmister. You will be missed


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