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Promoting your band

From learning the key roles for your band mates through to how to list your music on spotify and build an engaged online community, I talk you through the key steps to promote your band.

How to grow your band

How to grow your band

You've created some incredible music, and now you need to promote it. Learn how to get started with our blog to grow your band.

Choosing your bandmates - metallica

Choosing your bandmates

Choosing your bandmates may seem as simple as picking your friends or the best musicians you know. But is there more to it?

Why you need album reviews

Growing your band requires you to get noticed. Album reviews are great way to get a recognised name to promote it for you. Learn more.

Tutorials from experts

With over 20 years of experience in music and 7 years in marketing small businesses, I'm providing my unique knowledge to help bands grow.

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