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Dystopia – Megadeth

With just over two weeks until the release of Megadeth’s new album, Dystopia on January 22nd, Megadeth have unleashed the monstrous title track to help us decide if we’re gonna like it enough to buy (or just buy it even if we don’t like it too much, because it’s Megadeth).

Overall, Dystopia is a great single from Megadeth. It sounds a lot like their critically slammed (but my personal favourite) album, Cryptic Writings. It’s not the same level of Megadeth‘s trademark Thrash Metal sound as their previous single Fatal Illusion, but as a song, it’s well-balanced, melodically astute and still has more than enough for long time Megadeth fans to get excited about.

That build at the beginning almost has a Hangar 18 vibe, the way it climbs up the tones slowly building into the full song. The tone used for the harmonised guitar lines reminds me of She-Wolf, it’s well bodied and round, and they sit just together so nicely, playing off each other, and interweaving majestically. The guitar playing overall on this song is tremendous, the level of technicality in the mini solos, as well as the amount of them is just impressive. Then there’s melody coming through from them, and how they work outstandingly to blend over the style shift towards the end, and build into a greater solo.

Admittedly, the lyrics could use some work; the incessant repetition of “Dystopia” becomes irritating very quickly, and is hardly Dave‘s best work, but thankfully there’s an underlying guitar solo distract us from that.

I’m becoming genuinely excited by the prospect of a new Megadeth album after hearing this, and might actually buy the album because I want it this time.


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