Native Kings Sound of Victory

Native Kings Can Hear The Sound Of Victory With New Release

Liverpudlian based trio Native Kings are unleashing their brand new track Sound Of Victory  on Friday, and it’s remarkably fresh and infectious. The band are notorious for their rigorous touring regime, including a stint with Funeral For A Friend, and this release is the band’s first since supporting Mercury Award Nominees, Slaves. So have the band managed to pick up nuggets of brilliance from these established artist to help hone their own sound.

Well, I’m not sure how much Native Kings have learnt from these bands, but one thing’s for sure, they’ve created a tremendous track with Sound Of Victory. The track makes great use of guitars, incorporates catchy melodies, and is arranged expertly to deliver the music we hear before us. The track has an abundance of melodies throughout; if they’re not in the vocals, they’re on the guitars and/or bass. The intro makes great use of a funk groove to support the lead guitar’s first melody to instigate the melodic madness. The vocals largely take over from this point for the verse, and do a great job of captivating the audience. However, they’re greatly enhanced by the lead guitar sat in the gaps, providing a brilliant counter-melody, following the drums and providing an extra point of interest.

This allows the vocals to save their most memorable and powerful melodies for the chorus; which is where they truly become the star! The repetition of “This is the sound of victory“, not only makes the song easily relatable to the listener, but because it’s broken up by the high pitched response from backing singers emphasising “Everyone else just left behindit doesn’t grow tiresome. Furthermore, towards the end of the track, you can really hear the whole band going for  it, giving it everything, and it’s brilliant to hear their passion coming through on record, even if minor clipping comes as a result.

Overall, Sound Of Victory is an incredibly infectious and catchy new release, set to get stuck in your head for days on end. The track is so much more than this, it’s so expertly crafted, featuring a copious melodic content throughout; they’re utilised, and intertwined to devastating effect. With Native Kings looking to move on to bigger things in the future, more tracks like this won’t do their chances of that any harm.

Native Kings

The Track is out tomorrow Feb 26th, and is available to pre order from iTunes

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