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No Hot Ashes Begin Campaign To Fulfil ‘Big In 2016’ Tag

So far this year, many music journalists (such as this one), PR people, and other music industry people in the know, have been trying to guess which new bands are going to have a successful 2016. So many claims have been thrown around, we’re beginning to lose count. One of those bands generating a lot of hype have been No Hot Ashes (who signed with Playing With Sound earlier in the year) and after watching them live last month, I began to see why there is so much excitement surrounding them. Tuesday saw the band release their first single of 2016 in the form of Goose. So does this track live up to the hype surrounding the Stockport based quartet?

In short, I’m glad say that yes it does. It manages to perfectly encapsulate so much of what the band are gaining a reputation for. The track begins rather uncharacteristically, with ambient guitar sounds floating over an arpeggiated chord progression. This section is misleading for the music that follows. Once the bass and drums kick in, an incredibly funky groove takes over, willing you to dance along as the expertly performed funk guitar lines underlie the fantastic bass line.

The chorus provides an excellent textural variation to the funky verse, as it’s much more sparse, built largely around the guitar lick. This emphasises the vocals and lyrics singing “Is she imaginary? She’s got me dancin’“, before the stop for “Goose” leading into the funky verse groove again. The lyrics here are excellent and reflect the theme of the song that you can’t help but dance along to when it’s in full flow. The stop for “Goose” creates greater impact and lets you know what the song’s about.

Overall, Goose marks the start of an undoubtedly productive year for No Hot Ashes, whether this is the year they make it ‘big’ remains to be seen. This is an incredibly funky and vibrant start from the quartet, and if this is a mark of things to come it won’t be long until they’re going places!

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‘Goose’ is available from all streaming platforms as well as to download from iTunes now.

The band will also be performing at Night & Day Cafe this Friday to celebrate the launch of Playing With Sound. No Hot Ashes put on a fantastic live show, that I’d urge anyone to go see. Tickets available here

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