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Songs Of The Week 3/11/2015

This weeks SOTW are really exciting for me. It includes: some really great, catchy, feel good tracks from new and established bands; a couple of really heavy, downright brutal tracks; and possibly the most impressively composed piece of music I’ve heard this year.

Eclipses For Eyes – Sharks

Eclipses for Eyes by Sharks really caught my ear this week. Its alternative rock vibes and well written lyrics make it really enjoyable to listen to. Sharks was independently released by the unsigned band in early 2014 as part of their Letters EP and Eclipses For Eyes starting to attract notice from major labels ahead of their new album release next year. Shark stands out above the other tracks on the album thanks to the emotional content of the lyrics, the other tracks don’t lack this, yet the melodies and music reflect the meaning a lot more effectively. The backing vocals singing ‘why bother’ during the chorus are particularly brilliant, marrying perfectly with the line ‘the voice inside my head that screams why bother’ at the end of the chorus. The song features good use of textures, ranging from sparse in the verse, slowing building with lead guitar lines in the pre-chorus and erupting into really dense texture for the chorus. Even if you don’t pick up on any of that, the chorus vocal melody is incredibly catchy, a very enjoyable track.

For Fans Of: Paramore, You Me At Six, All Time Low

Sylosis – Servitude

Sylosis have been a favourite band of mine since I first saw them play at download off the back of The Supreme Oppressor EP in 2007. And their latest instalment does not disappoint. Servitude brings everything I love about Sylosis to the table. The verse really draws in the listener, using Sylosis‘ trademark 2nd inversions to create that uneasy feeling, then enters the drawn out guitar melody, matching the powerful screams. The blistering riff that enters in the middle of song, under Josh screaming ‘the cycle repeats’ is exactly what Sylosis do so brilliantly, especially when it settles into that awesome groove before Josh has the bravery to attempt a solo over such an intricate riff. It’s music like this that gets me really excited!

For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, In Flames

A Day To Remember – I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Following my review of Amongst Thieves earlier in the week, I wanted to listen to more in a similar style and A Day To Remember fits that bill perfectly. Unfortunately Spotify couldn’t play the tracks I wanted to listen to and kept skipping to this one. The introduction and chorus melody are so catchy however, that despite having never heard this before, it instantly stuck in my head and I’ve really enjoyed it. The chorus vocal melody is allowed to flourish so greatly thanks to the performance from the rest of the band and the sections preceding it. The backing vocals and lead guitar line provide counter melodies, that helps the lead vocal standout a lot more while it works closely with the rhythm section. It acts a release from the aggressive and edgy verse that cleverly transitions and builds in this really diatonic and memorable chorus.

For Fans Of: Four Year Strong, Escape The Fate, Alesana

Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound

Earthbound is Bury Tomorrow‘s first release ahead of their new album of the same name, set to be released January 2016. The track is unbelievably brutal and raw while managing to impressively incorporate some great, memorable melodies, it sounds a lot more developed since their previous releases. The track utilizes a vast range of tempos and textures; the initial dense, fast paced section providing a great platform for Daniel‘s brutally delivered screams. A great release is provided from this as Jason‘s vocals enter over a more homophonic texture, allowing the music to flow as one and help shape the melody. The dramatic contrasts throughout maintain interest, and by the end of the song I find myself singing that incredibly catchy chorus melody, which is impressive feat considering the heaviness of the overall track.

Check out the Full Album Review for Earthbound.

For Fans Of: Architects, Parkway Drive, While She Sleeps

Sirens – Medusae

Medusae is the closing track on Siren‘s first full length album, Surge, and it’s the track that I think really displays everything this incredibly impressive band can do. The progressive metal quintet from Indiana push so many boundaries with this track it’s like there were none there. The smooth transitions between incredibly contrasting sections in this 7 minute prog metal epic is definitely worthy of a listen in itself. The somber introduction lulls the listener into a dream like state, setting a peaceful scene that even the aggressive vocal delivery of Joey Fenoglio struggles to disrupt.

The vocals are somewhat disappointing here unfortunately, not sure if it’s just the mix, but they don’t sit very well. Eventually Sirens get into more familiar territory, utilising groovy off-beat rhythms and time signatures, off-set by mellow synth lines. The middle section involves a more orchestral sound-scape, occasionally interrupted by djent style grooves. The song returns to the elaborately well constructed first section, building and developing the ideas even further before climaxing to a heavy, djent section to finish. What I love about this track is that I’ve listened to it quite a few times, and each time I notice something different and interesting about it. Definitely a band to watch for the future.

For Fans Of: DeafHeaven, From Sorrow To Eternity, Galactic Pegasus

I’m always looking for new great songs, so if you have any recommendations, please drop them in the comments and I’ll check them out!

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