SOTW: 26/11/2015

Image-1 (1)Welcome to my Songs Of The Week, where I share my favourite 5 tracks that I’ve been listening to this week! A lot has happened this week, and a lot of new albums have been released in time for Christmas! With so much to choose from, hope you like what I’ve been enjoying!

Kit Trigg – Too Bad I Hated You Anyway

I don’t remember how I found this song, but its raw energy and sheer passion is mesmerising! The young duo’s emphatic and honest performance is really exciting, and emphasises the song’s message. After numerous listens to this track, my favourite thing about it, is the impressive contrast between Kit’s speaking voice and singing voice. During the interview at the start of the video, he sounds so timid and quiet, but then his commanding aggressive singing voice is truly something to behold. A really exciting debut from this band, and definitely one to watch for upcoming releases.

For Fans Of: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Cribs


Protest The Hero – Tidal

This week saw Protest The Hero release the second track in their subscription series, and it packs a massive punch. Since its release, I’ve found I enjoy Ragged Tooth more and more with every listen, and this track follows a similar pattern. Instrumentally, it’s quite disjointed and edgy throughout, there’s a lot of stops, which can make it a little difficult to get into, but then PTH start doing what they do best in the middle, the time signature changes compliment the disjointed riffs perfectly, before transitioning into an excellently polyphonic groove which sees the two lead guitars performing harmonising melodies that compliment each other perfectly and still manage to support the soaring vocals. Excellent track.

For fans of: Lamb Of God, Animals As Leaders, The Human Abstract


All Them Witches – When God Comes Back

Strap in and hang on tight! When God Comes Back is an absolutely phenomenal effort by this Nashville based band. The raw power erupting from the pounding drums, and gnarly guitars grab you immediately and continues to blow you away throughout. The occasional vocal breaks make it that much more impacting when the whole band enters with that colossal riff. While the rest of the Lightning At The Door album fails to emulate the energy levels exuded by this song, yet they compliment it excellently and are very well constructed. The whole album is available for free at and it is unbelievably worth a listen.

For Fans Of: Wolfmother, Hendrix, Queens Of The Stone Age



Lost In A Name – Yesterday

Yesterday is the first track to be released from Lost In A Name’s upcoming album set to be released next year, and it’s one I’m very excited for off the back of this song. So it’s defnitely made to be radio friendly, but that doesn’t stop it from being damn good to listen to! The enrgetic performance, contrasting drum beats, and awesome pinch harmonics throughout the track are enough for any rock fan to get excited about. The catchy vocal melodies, and memorable lyrics are guaranteed to get you singing it for days, a great entry song for anyone wanting to get into rock. Best of all it’s available for free at

For Fans Of: All Time Low, Madeina Lake, Mallory Knox

Le Skeleton Band – Ossamento Tripot

This track is brilliantly theatrical, it’s entirely instrumental yet it’ would fit perfectly into the background of a pivotal scene in a Tarranto film. I saw Le Skeleton Band play live close to a year ago now, and this was one of their standout tracks live, the energy and performance emphasised the songs playful characteristics and it became a whole performance. The band says the songs from the album, La Castagne,”relate to stories of crippled soldiers and war veterans disfigured by riflebutts or by the weariness of life!”, this as the opening track definitely sets the scene for that in almost satirical manner. It is thoroughly enjoyable, as is the rest of the album.

For Fans Of: Tarantino Films!


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