Amongst Thieves: March For The Sun

Amongst Thieves MarchForTheSunMarch For The Sun is the latest EP from Yorkshire based Amongst Thieves, and it really packs a punch to make you sit up and listen. Impressively this is the second EP from a band that was only established in 2013, with an album on the horizon, big things are expected from this Post-Hardcore quintet. (more…)

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Symphony X: Underworld

Symphony-X-Underworld-ArtworkSymphony X are back with a fantastic effort, Underworld that builds on their previous 8 studio albums. Michael Leopond says this album is “less heavy than Iconoclast” and more of “a combination of The Odyssey and Paradise Lost” which will surely excite most fans. The album returns to a more progressive metal style of writing that has brought Symphony X so much acclaim in the past, and continues to deliver. While not being strictly conceptual, Underworld definitely has an overall theme drawing on influences from Dante’s Inferno and Orpheus In The Underworld. (more…)

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Trivium: Silence In The Snow

This is now Trivium’s seventh studio album, and they have definitely come along way from when I first heard them over 10 years ago. The album follows a common theme for Trivium in that it is different to all of their other albums. It takes a bit of getting used to but the exceptional production by Michael “Elvis” Baskette and debut of Matt Madrio on drums definitely helps. (more…)

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