Amongst Thieves: March For The Sun

Amongst Thieves MarchForTheSunMarch For The Sun is the latest EP from Yorkshire based Amongst Thieves, and it really packs a punch to make you sit up and listen. Impressively this is the second EP from a band that was only established in 2013, with an album on the horizon, big things are expected from this Post-Hardcore quintet. (more…)

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Songs Of The Week 27/10/2015

Image-1 (1)Hi guys, welcome to songs of the week. This is where I let you in on what I’ve been listening to lately. My top 5 songs this week features a whole host of exciting new bands, including a local, Manchester based metal group who are making their mark; a prog rock band from Latvia; an inventive British band starting to get serious ahead of a first album; a track from one of the quintessential members of the Thrash Four; and a rarity for this blog in an artist that’s topped the UK charts!


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Coheed And Cambria: The Color Before The Sun

coheedcolorcdThe Color Before The Sun marks Coheed And Cambria’s eighth studio album, and the first not to be based around The Amory Wars storyline. As a defining feature of the past 12 years, some fans could be forgiven for being fearful of what was to come, but the result is an album with a wider variety of song styles than usual, unhindered by the need to adhere to storyline and it creates some positive results that Coheed fans will really love.


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