Christmas Songs Of 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas day! As a special Christmas treat, I thought today I run you through some of the Christmas songs released in 2015;…

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Favourite Christmas Songs

Hey guys and gals! As you all seemed to like my post about the worst Christmas songs, here’s another list about Christmas songs! 

Hopefully you’ll actually enjoy some of these, as they’re actually my 10 favourite Christmas songs! Anyone that knows me will probably know that I love Christmas songs, the cheesier the better, so you’ll probably have heard most of these before. Enjoy! (more…)

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Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs

So this weekend, Christmas Markets opened in cities up and down the UK. I’m a big fan of christmas, who isn’t, but it’s mid-November, Halloween’s only just happened and Supermarkets are already playing Christmas songs! I love Christmas songs, but only when it’s Christmas, therefore I thought I’d share my Top 10 least favourite Christmas themed songs! The list is in no particular order, so enjoy! (more…)

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