Top 5 Megadeth Albums (Ranked)

So we’re finally at the end of Megadeth week! It’s been a great journey filled with exciting news and updates, culminating in Friday’s release and review of their 15th studio album, Dystopia. My review rated the album highly as I was incredibly impressed with the new offering. To put this review into context, I thought I’d run through my top 5 Megadeth albums, in order to see if dystopia made the cut.

5. United Abominations

As mentioned in a previous post; this was the first Megadeth album released after I got in to Megadeth, and probably the first I thoroughly listened to on repeat for days! It undoubtedly had a strong influence on my entire musical tastes, and definitely when it comes to Megadeth. Tracks like SleepwalkerWashington Is Next, and Play For Blood are standout tracks; with very few that disappoint on the album. There’s also a wealth of guitar solos throughout for the guitarist in me to fall in love with. Maybe not everyone’s favourite, but definitely up there for me.


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SOTW 21/01/2016

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of my Songs Of The Week! If you’re unfamiliar with this section, it’s where I let you guys in on what I’ve been listening to each week. Despite it being Megadeth week, I have somehow managed to listen to some not Megadeth songs! These are possible the only ones though; thankfully they’re amazing. We’ve got a couple of unsigned bands, and some new tracks from well established bands, and an early contender for my song of the year!

Fin Henderson – At Least We’ll Sing

What is there to say about this song! It really grabs you right from the start with an impressive a cappella intro provide a great insight into Henderson‘s incredible musical talent. This then builds into the verse without losing the a cappella parts; a challenging feat that is pulled off fantastically, giving really great harmonic depth the track.  As it’s built around a variety of voices, each with their own line, they interact interacting in perfect polyphony, so the result in a lot of different melodies going  in different directions, like in classical music, so there’s a lot more happening musically compare to in a guitar based backing when at most it can maybe play two lines through use of chords. When Finn‘s lead vocal enters you’re hit by a distinctive and outstanding voice; it provides a memorable lead melody, along with insightful and meaningful lyrics. I really love how intricate the backing vocals in the chorus are as well; it’s just an all round great track!

For Fans Of: Plan B (The second album)/ Will Young?/ tbh I’m kind of struggling here, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments

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Top 10 Megadeth Songs (Ranked)

To celebrate the launch of Megadeth‘s new album, Dystopia, on Friday. I’ll be doing a series of posts about the behemoth thrash metal kings. There seemed only one sensible place to start, and that’s with a rundown of my Top 10 Megadeth Songs! I’m going to preface this list by saying how difficult it was to choose just 10, and then try to rank them! I considered doing 20, but it seemed far too much.

10. Dread And The Fugitive Mind

To kick us off, is a song from an album I’m not the biggest fan of: The World Needs a Hero, not sure why, just never connected with it. This song still took a few goes to really enjoy, but it’s so much fun to play on guitar! I love the verse riff, it contains so much space which Mustaine‘s gnarly vocals happily fill with short snappy lines. The change of texture for the pre-chorus/ chorus is really great as well: The vocals becoming more continuous, and the contrast between this and the staggered section before is great. Then I love how it seamlessly moves back into that aggressive verse again. The middle section begins by sounding slightly like Metallica‘s One, but then starts to make use of the chorus material, with the guitar solo just fighting its way to the surface, before erupting into that fantastic melodic solo. The song rounds off perfectly, varying the verse riff material to bookend the track.

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Songs Of The Week 16/10/15

Image-1Hi guys, welcome to songs of the week. This is where I let you in on what I’ve been listening to lately. My top 5 songs this week includes several surprises as old favourites releases a new track; a few new, unsigned bands really grab my attention with their raw sounds, and I’ve found a new favourite track to unwind to.


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