Top 10 Megadeth Songs (Ranked)

To celebrate the launch of Megadeth‘s new album, Dystopia, on Friday. I’ll be doing a series of posts about the behemoth thrash metal kings. There seemed only one sensible place to start, and that’s with a rundown of my Top 10 Megadeth Songs! I’m going to preface this list by saying how difficult it was to choose just 10, and then try to rank them! I considered doing 20, but it seemed far too much.

10. Dread And The Fugitive Mind

To kick us off, is a song from an album I’m not the biggest fan of: The World Needs a Hero, not sure why, just never connected with it. This song still took a few goes to really enjoy, but it’s so much fun to play on guitar! I love the verse riff, it contains so much space which Mustaine‘s gnarly vocals happily fill with short snappy lines. The change of texture for the pre-chorus/ chorus is really great as well: The vocals becoming more continuous, and the contrast between this and the staggered section before is great. Then I love how it seamlessly moves back into that aggressive verse again. The middle section begins by sounding slightly like Metallica‘s One, but then starts to make use of the chorus material, with the guitar solo just fighting its way to the surface, before erupting into that fantastic melodic solo. The song rounds off perfectly, varying the verse riff material to bookend the track.

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Favourite Christmas Songs

Hey guys and gals! As you all seemed to like my post about the worst Christmas songs, here’s another list about Christmas songs! 

Hopefully you’ll actually enjoy some of these, as they’re actually my 10 favourite Christmas songs! Anyone that knows me will probably know that I love Christmas songs, the cheesier the better, so you’ll probably have heard most of these before. Enjoy! (more…)

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Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs

So this weekend, Christmas Markets opened in cities up and down the UK. I’m a big fan of christmas, who isn’t, but it’s mid-November, Halloween’s only just happened and Supermarkets are already playing Christmas songs! I love Christmas songs, but only when it’s Christmas, therefore I thought I’d share my Top 10 least favourite Christmas themed songs! The list is in no particular order, so enjoy! (more…)

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