Helping bands find their audience

Here to help new, unsigned and even established bands hone their sound, promote their presence and reach global audiences

Created by A Knight with a Passion

There’s something satisfying about listening to fantastic song for the first time. 

The excitement you get as the great riff kicks in; the lead guitar wails through an awesome solo, or the singer brings out a surprising and emotive melody for the chorus. 

With a degree in music; composing, recording, studying and analysing music of all genres, I realised my biggest passion was listening to great music. Music that moves me and others. 

My name’s Alex Knight, and I’ve created Knight Music to to help bands make incredible music, and help get that music heard by more people. 

Bringing your music to more people

You write incredible songs. And everyone that’s heard them loves it. The only problem is, the only people that hears them are your friends, family, and the regulars in the pubs you’re playing at every week.

If you could get them heard by more people, it would change everything.

That’s what I’m here for.

KnightMusic was created to help take your band from your passion to your way of life. I provide analysis of albums pre-release, free tips on how to better organise your band, and of course, reviews to help you band reach more listeners.

Just drop me a note with how you’d like me to help.