Dust – Tremonti Review

Dust – Tremonti Review

The album is every bit as impressive as Cauterize, proving that Dust is not just a collection of

Kentucky – Black Stone Cherry

Kentucky – Black Stone

Definitely an improvement on previous records, as it sees the band return from the depths of radio rock

The White Album – Weezer

The White Album –

Weezer released their 10th studio, and to much surprise it wasn't an April Fools prank! And it's actually

Pacific Myth – Protest The Hero Review

Pacific Myth – Protest

I struggle to remember the last time I sat in such excitement whilst listening to music; the journey

For All Kings – Anthrax

For All Kings –

While For All Kings may feature exactly what die-hard fans want to hear, there are aspects which will

Phenotype – Textures

Phenotype – Textures

Phenotype is incredibly enjoyable. There is a good level of variety on the album, combining all the different

Earthbound – Bury Tomorrow

Earthbound – Bury Tomorrow

This is now the band's 4th album; and following their promotional releases looks like it could be their

Dystopia – Megadeth Review

Dystopia – Megadeth Review

The songs very well constructed, with excellent concepts, delivered through Mustaine's excellent vocal performance and lyrics, that match

So Far, So Good…So What Now?!

So Far, So Good…So

Being situated between Peace Sells, and Rust In Peace is like sitting at the bottom of a vast

Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco

Death Of A Bachelor

Panic! At The Disco return with their greatly anticipated 5th studio album, Death Of A Bachelor. This is an interesting

On This Day In Music- Jan 12th Led Zeppelin

On This Day In

January 12th marked a couple of famous album releases, but did I go for Spears or Zeppelin?

Last Light – Bury Tomorrow

Last Light – Bury

Brilliantly conceived and executed theme! "The combination of vocalists is terrific" and "the lyrics are powerful and emotional"

Gypsy Caravan – Wolfmother

Gypsy Caravan – Wolfmother

"Verse and middle play with creative and unusual ideas; but is it enough?"

A War Against You – Ignite

A War Against You

Full of energy, passion and fantastic lyrics, but music lacks a wow-factor

Symphony X: Underworld

Symphony X: Underworld

Symphony X are back with a fantastic effort, Underworld that builds on their previous 8 studio albums. Michael Leopond

Coheed And Cambria: The Color Before The Sun

Coheed And Cambria: The

The Color Before The Sun marks Coheed And Cambria’s eighth studio album, and the first not to be

Trivium: Silence In The Snow

Trivium: Silence In The

This is now Trivium’s seventh studio album, and they have definitely come along way from when I first

Iron Maiden: Book Of Souls

Iron Maiden: Book Of

Book Of Souls is a colossal new effort by Iron Maiden. Coming in at 92 minutes, and including