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The Boston Shakers: Shakin’ Up The Music Scene

The Boston Shakers: Shakin’

While mash-ups of Rock and Rap have been attempted in the past, The Boston Shakers merge the two

Scars From Rain Unleash Debut Video, Light Within My Misery

Scars From Rain Unleash

The track oozes hard rock all over the place, from start to finish; featuring weighty riffs, powerful soaring

Native Kings Can Hear The Sound Of Victory With New Release

Native Kings Can Hear

Sound Of Victory is an incredibly infectious and catchy new release, set to get stuck in your head

RANN Unleash “Falling” Live In The Studio

RANN Unleash “Falling” Live

New York rockers RANN have now announced themselves to the world of music videos, with their live in

Dead End Scene – Dance On Broken Glass EP

Dead End Scene –

6/10 Dead End Scene pride themselves on their use of "bitchin" guitar riffs, while I probably wouldn't use

Daniel Prendiville – D(O)UB(T)

Daniel Prendiville – D(O)UB(T)

3/10 Creativity is clearly apparent throughout the album, but maybe there's a reason dub-reggae influences are rarely applied

Sunsera – Sunsera

Sunsera – Sunsera

6/10 Standout tracks like Ungoliant provide reason to believe Sunsera have the potential to redefine the alt. rock

Mason Hill – EP Review

Mason Hill – EP

Glaswegian rockers Mason Hill have just launched their music career in style with the release of their self-titled debut EP.

Joe Garvey

Joe Garvey

8/10 Built around 3 key elements, Joe Garvey showcases the excellent sounds the up and coming artist

Mr. Mountain – Refuse To Shine

Mr. Mountain – Refuse

Refuse To Shine marks the first release from Mr. Mountain since their line-up change in 2014, and this

The Von – Ei8ht

The Von – Ei8ht

This well-crafted, innovative album will amaze your ears!

Amongst Thieves: March For The Sun

Amongst Thieves: March For

March For The Sun is the latest EP from Yorkshire based Amongst Thieves, and it really packs a