Scars from Rain - Birthright

Scars From Rain Unleash Debut Video, Light Within My Misery

With the release of their exciting new EP, Birthright, just around the corner; London based Scars From Rain unleashed their new track Light Within My Misery. The single comes armed with a killer video, and really showcases the band’s aggression, passion, and style. The track oozes hard rock all over the place, from start to finish; featuring weighty riffs, powerful soaring vocals, and colossal choruses; it’s an undoubtedly great sign of things to come.

Taking you on a musical journey, the track begins with a softer intro section, teasing with a dark, ominous chord sequence, drawing you in. This merely signifies the calm before the storm, and it isn’t long until the first gnarly riff enter to kick it up a notch. Awesome grooves for the verse and pre-chorus get you in the mood for a solid mosh-session with kickass grooves, and weighty riffs galore! However, the chorus is when the song really takes control, as the powerhouse vocals from Mike King take over with a magnificently catchy hook.

The track only gets better as it progresses, never stagnating, always adding variations to repeated sections in the form of slick guitar ornamentation, cripplingly solid stops, or roaring backing vocals. There’s always something new going on in the track, and the passion really comes through in the performance.

Light Within My Misery is a terrific listen, and surely a sign that of good things can follow on the Birthright EP.

The EP is out on Monday 28th March, and features 3 more killer tracks alongside Light Within My Misery.

It will be available from all major digital distributors, and the band have a special launch night on April 15th

If you want to hear more from the band: Facebook Twitter Youtube


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