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Last Light – Bury Tomorrow

With only 3 weeks to the release of their 4th studio album, Earthbound, Bury Tomorrow unleash a monstrous new song in the form of Last Light to ensure that we’re hyped up for the new album.

What I’ve always liked about Bury Tomorrow is how they utilise the two singers, in pairings to create dramatic contrast, and convey emotion. This is ever present in Last Light as from the very start the clean vocals are more prominent, with growled vocals underneath; this combination sounds incredibly powerful, and creates huge impact to begin the song. Then during the chorus the roles are reversed, creating real power in the delivery of ‘you delighted my soul, I’m ready to let go‘ and making it clear and understandable as the main hook of the song. This feature only becomes more impressive once you analyse the topic of the song, and the lyrics.

The song displays a hypothetical conversation between two people, although mostly follows one character’s thoughts. Following the death of a loved one, the character is struggling to overcome the grief of losing their partner. The band use their two vocalists as the two participants of the conversation. The line “Let the light take my soul; I’m ready to let go” suggests that after losing their loved one they have nothing left to live for; the reply of “follow the light down the tunnel, just know I’ll be waiting for you”; is the reply from the deceased friend inviting the character to join them. It’s a really powerful device when done right, and it is done really well here.
Because of the drastic contrast between the two vocal styles, it is really easy to tell the characters apart. The clean vocals represent the deceased; who seems calm and welcoming; using the distorted vocals for the living person conveys a sense of anger about the situation.

The outro section is really clever in various ways; it repeats the lines “when the light of day fades, my soul will drift away, and I promise you I’ll meet you at the gates” several times as the character falls into acceptance of the situation. This is mirrored by the growls becoming less aggressive.
Musically, this section is really good too; in order for the vocals to work, the music in the background is pretty much on repeat; except for the variations put in by the drums, to slightly alter the feeling of the track, this allows the vocals to be repetitive in lyrics and melodies, as they as constantly being sung over slightly different backings.

Overall, Bury Tomorrow have created an excellent track here; with clear thought going into the theme and construction of every aspect of song. The combination of vocalists is terrific musically and thematically; the lyrics are powerful and emotional; and I could not be more excited for their new album.


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